“Introduction of a Handy Smartphone App as part of NTSL’s Anniversary Celebration”

The Nara 2mSSB Enthusiasts, a registered group with JARL, is commemorating its 45th anniversary by developing and distributing a new smartphone app.

This app utilizes a database primarily intended for members’ use. Necessary interactions are facilitated via an external server, allowing automatic reception and subscription to our online newsletters. Additionally, it includes a timer function to regulate call times and a simple multiple-choice game.

Through intuitive touch-based controls, it conveniently provides information related to amateur radio activities. Designed for easy integration into daily life and fostering camaraderie among members, it’s user-friendly for seasoned members, female operators, and even younger members from elementary to high school.

Share your daily amateur radio activities through this app and enjoy the sense of camaraderie and fellowship among members.