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G1A – General class control operator frequency privileges; primary and secondary allocations

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G1A01  [97.301(d)]
On which HF and/or MF amateur bands are there portions where General class licensees cannot transmit?

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G1A02  [97.305]

On which of the following bands is phone operation prohibited?

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G1A03  [97.305]

On which of the following bands is image transmission prohibited?

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G1A04  [97.303(h)]

Which of the following amateur bands is restricted to communication only on specific channels, rather than frequency ranges?

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G1A05  [97.301(d)]

On which of the following frequencies are General class licensees prohibited from operating as control operator?

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G1A06  [97.303]

Which of the following applies when the FCC rules designate the amateur service as a secondary user on a band?

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G1A07  [97.305(a)]

On which amateur frequencies in the 10-meter band may stations with a General class control operator transmit CW emissions?

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G1A08  [97.301(b)]

Which HF bands have segments exclusively allocated to Amateur Extra licensees?

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G1A09  [97.301(d)]

Which of the following frequencies is within the General class portion of the 15-meter band?

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G1A10  [97.205(b)]

What portion of the 10-meter band is available for repeater use?

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G1A11  [97.301]

When General class licensees are not permitted to use the entire voice portion of a band, which portion of the voice segment is available to them?

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